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Dia de los Muertos Installations: Volver a Mí

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Additions for November 2007:

Floods Devastate Tabasco and Chiapas
Donate to Red Cross for Relief

Additions for October 2007:

Tonight This Light:
Dia de los Muertos Installations

Updated: Oaxacan Woodcarving:
45 new animals, angels and devils added

Artist Profile:
Armando and Antonia Jiménez

Additions for September 2007:

¡Feliz día de la Independencia!

Additions for July 2007:

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Additions for June 2007:

June Newsletter

Additions for May 2007:

Updated: Ceramics of Metepec
+ Izucar de Matamoros

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Additions for April 2007:

New Mailing List Signup Form

April Newsletter

Virgencita: In Praise of
the Virgin of Guadalupe

Additions for November 2006:
Masks Section Updated

Additions for October 2006:

Entre Dos Mundos:
Between Two Worlds

Additions for August 2006:

New in the Galeria:

Photo Essay: A Calenda in Arrazola

Photo Essay: Oaxaqueños Unidos

Reflection:Woodblocks + Prints
by Alexis Hugo Nutini

Additions for March 2006:

Oaxacan Woodcarvings:
Alebrijes Section updated

June 2005: In addition to updating Frida Kahlo's pages, we have been busy in the community doing some outreach with local schools: we had a mask making workshop and a coloring project to learn more about the culture of the Huichol Indians.

We have many new inventory acquisitions, and will be working on new sections in the site for the next month or two so that we can share them with you: Ceremonial masks from Tocuaro, gold leaf lacquerware from Patzcuaro, copper from Santa Clara del Cobre, polychromatic ceramics from Izucar de Matamoros, the amazing pottery of the artisans of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, and of course, more alebrijes! In the meantime, if you're dying of curiosity and want to know more, please feel free to email us from the Contact Us page and we can discuss and/or send pictures to you.

March 2005: We received the very sad news that our Padrino, Don Manuel Jiménez, father of the Oaxacan woodcarving phenomenon, died on March 4th. He leaves us with a legacy of love, creativity and generosity that will continue to bless countless numbers of people throughout the world for many generations to come. We will never forget the day he presided over our wedding in Oaxaca. We are better for having known him.

January 2005: Hello Friends! You may have noticed a lack of updates for the past eight months but we have a very good reason: after two years of searching, we have found a physical home for Mexico Lindo! We opened on Cinco de Mayo 2004 and we have just concluded a successful Holiday season. Now it's back to work on the updates and finishing unfinished sections! You can view a few pictures of last year's highlights here. We also want to let you know about our new toll free number:

Additions for June 2005:

Multicultural Icons:
Frida Kahlo's pages are reconstructed

Additions for April 2005: Multicultural Icons:
Emiliano Zapata's pages are reconstructed

Mexico Lindo y Querido
(the song that we take our name from):
can be downloaded here

Links Page:
New links added and broken ones repaired

Additions for January 2005:

Huichol Art:
Huichol Section reconstructed and updated
Huichol Symbols page added.

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