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Flight of the Quetzal Lecture; December 2012 Mayan Prophecies Revealed

Monday, November 19, 2012
7:00pm until 8:30pm
Ac Tah, el caminante maya, translates to the Mayan Messenger.
He has dedicated his life to traveling the world and sharing the teachings of his Mayan ancestors. His last trip to Pittsburgh was so inspiring! He is coming back November 18th, for three days only, to explain Mayan prophecies and teach people how to prepare for the global shift of consciousness.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and experience ancient Mayan traditions first hand. Donations for each event are much appreciated, with a portion going to FUMC. All proceeds received will help the Owl Tribe and Ac Tah spread the message of 2012, during the month of December, while touring Mexico together!

MAIN EVENT: Flight of the Quetzal Lecture;
December 2012 Mayan Prophecies Revealed
Monday, November 19th 7-8:30pm
First United Methodist Church
5401 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232
This event has a suggested donation of $5-$10
Lecture translated by: Joey Rahimi

Sacred Geometry Movement Workshop: Align with the New Cosmic Energy
Sunday, November 18th @ 8pm
FUMC: 5401 Center Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15232
Donations welcomed

Sacred Geometry Movement Workshop: Align with the New Cosmic Energy
Monday, November 19th @ 10am
FUMC: 5401 Center Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15232
GROUP HEALING BY THE OWL TRIBE TO FOLLOW featuring Reiki, Massage, Crystal Activation, and more with Kellee Maize, Angela Morelli, Holly McIntosh, Jade, Bobbi Williams and Abby Samuels
Donations welcomed

Orion Labyrinth: November 20th @ 10am (location TBD)
Once the workshops and lecture have concluded Ac Tah has agreed to build a sacred Labyrinth right here in Pittsburgh. WE NEED LAND – PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THIS PERMANENT GIFT ON YOUR PROPERTY! The labyrinth will be approximately 100 square feet and we’ll need lots of hands to help complete it. Once the Labyrinth is finished Ac Tah will be performing a traditional Mayan ceremony at the location.

Visit Ac Tah’s Website
See Videos:
Labyrinth Information:

For questions please email:

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Meet Maestro Carlomagno Pedro Martinez at the 9th annual Celebrate Mexico Now Festival November 13 – 27, 2012

As a part of the 9th annual Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, presented by National Museum of the American Indian in New York, with the support of Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art (FOFA) and the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Mexican scholar Marta Turok asks how indigenous Oaxacan artists navigate both “folk” and “high” art markets in today’s artistic climate. In this lecture-demonstration, Turok will present award-winning Oaxacan ceramic artist Carlomagno Pedro Martínez. They may grow up in artisan families, be self-taught artists, or graduate from art school, but whatever path they choose, today’s indigenous Mexican artists must contend with changing tastes. As Marta Turok documents, interest in folk art is waning as interest in conceptual art grows among cultural institutions and power brokers. The organization Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art (FOFA) awards folk artists scholarships to a fine arts school where they can blend their local traditions with contemporary perspectives. For Celebrate Mexico Now, Marta Turok will share her findings and present visiting folk artist, Director of the Oaxaca State Museum of Popular Art and acclaimed ceramist Carlomagno Pedro Martínez.

As both supporters of FOFA and collectors and vendors of Don Carlomagnos’ work, we urge all New Yorkers not to miss this great opportunity!

Dia de los Muertos Open House