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In the Octopus’s Garden….

Octopus by Armando and Antonia Jimenez
“He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been, in his octopus’ garden in the shade…” (with apologies to Ringo Starr!) This beauty from Armando and Antonia Jimenez has just arrived and we don’t think he will be hanging around for very long…so if you love him and must have him (price is $230, and he measures almost 6″ in height and 13″ at the widest parts) here’s a convenient shopping cart button for you:

One Perfect Peacock

One perfect hand made peacock cuff bracelet in sterling silver with turquoise and abalone; this is truly a functional work of art! $625
Pavo Real

¡Viva Guadalupe!

An album from the Facebook page that we wanted to share with you on Her day:

“¿How do we love Her? Let us count the ways…”

From ¡Viva Guadalupe!, posted by Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias on 12/11/2009 (29 items)

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Gone Fishin’

These kitties know when it’s time to put up the “Gone Fishing” sign and take a little break!
Left: Cat on turtle by Albert Perez Muñoz of La Union Tejalapan, $82.
(Apologies!This item has been SOLD)
Right: Whiskered fishing cat by Joaquin Hernandez Vasquez of San Martin Tilcajete, $44.
(Apologies!This item has been SOLD)

A library like no other…

P1030057We were very excited to meet with Maestro Martin Melchor once again in March, and to re-stock more of his famous taxi-driving giraffes and bicycle-riding zebras, but imagine our surprise and delight when he also showed us this little library scene! The jaguar child is climbing the ladder to the top of the bookshelf, putting away some volumes, while the studious adult jaguar remains absorbed by a volume of Mayan history.P1030058

This darling set costs $245.00 plus 16.00 for shipping.

A Marvelous Menagerie

Noahs' Ark by Armando and Antonia Jimenez

This large ark by Armando and Antonia has animals looking out of the portholes on both sides and and some impatient passengers waiting to get on board! We’re not quite sure how everyone will fit in there but we’ll leave the logistics to Noah, who is conspicuously absent and probably sitting down somewhere with his head in his hands. (This item has sold, sorry! You can special order one like it; talk it over with us!)

One Wild Ride

Bull Riding Motorcycle

…Just unwrapped and straight to the store window, this amazing bull (at least he has a bulls’ horns, not so sure about that crazy long tail!) riding a motorcycle, by Joaquin Hernandez. He’s a big guy, measuring 25″ long and 18″ high. The details on this piece are wonderful, from the very finely executed miniature painted designs in a bold color palette, to the riders’ two companions, a calavera on the front and a devil on the back. $475 plus $45 for shipping. Call or email if you’d like some other closeup views. We knew this was meant for someone very special as soon as we laid eyes on it, perhaps you can tell us who?! (click on image for a full sized view)

Valentine Gifts from the Heart of Mexico

Cupid is on the move and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Fear not, we have ideas for you, like this flying wooden cupid from Guerrero, for $90.

We have plain and painted tin hearts in magnet size and regular ornament sizes, plain or painted, with mirrors or without, from 2.50-18.00.
…And then there are hearts covered in milagros, from 27.00-30.00:

…and hearts that are boxes, in barro negro, Xalitla style painting, or a pair of lovesick calaveras, from $16-18.
There are painted tin heart ornaments with messages of love for $17, hearts in pewter with natural flowers embedded in lucite for $26, and hearts with mirrors for $18.

Above: one perfect tin box with a red, red heart affixed for $39. Below: Valentine cards and sterling silver pendant and earring set with natural flowers, $49.

Above:Winged wooden hearts by Jacobo and Maria are new and specially priced at $40

Right: Costume colored wire hearts come in both pendants and earrings, in assorted colors and sizes, between $13-18. Left: Every heart and soul (and body!) is warmed by hot chocolate and coffee, and we have the finest of both, from Oaxaca and Chiapas, from $10-14. Fair trade, you ask? But of course.

Is there more? Oh, yes! But we’ll leave it at that, and entreat you to come in and see for yourselves. Hope to see you soon..until then, may your Valentine’s Day (and every day) be filled with lots of love…


Photographs from Muertos y Monarcas

We want to thank everyone who particpated in and championed Muertos y Monarcas this year and to share the pix from the ofrendas with you. First, though, I had promised some a link to background info on Dia de los Muertos, and this article by Judy King is one of my favorites. All of the links in this entry lead to informative articles or videos about the individuals and all of the photos are clickable to view full sized. Keep in mind that the ofrendas are limited to remembrances of people who have died between the last Dia de los Muertos and the current one, primarily because the ofrendas become very crowded quickly.

The next two images give two views of the pieces at the top center:

The mid center features an amazing ceramic Muerto by Demetrio Aguilar:

and directly below that is a highly detailed ceramic Frida by Tomas Baez:

Below Frida with her monkeys and birds is the area we call the “secret grotto”, featuring a beaded Huichol skull and behind it a papier mache skull mask:

..and a detail of the ceramic calveras feasting by Adrian Gonzalez in front of that, as well as the extra fancy sugar skulls from Toluca: the base in the center is the Mexican Drug War casualty count, and a favorite image in postcard form by artist Artemio Rodriguez, and to the right of that a shrouded figure in barro negro by Carlomagno Pedro Martinez and a Catrina driving a cart and horse by Guillermina Aguilar:

Below, on the far left we have the giant Deer Dancer holding the sign with the Iraq and Afghanistan war casualty counts and also a photo of activist and poet Susana Chavez:

A view of some love notes left behind by participants:

On the left wall, we fondly remember Peter Falk, Jack LaLanne , Captain Beefheart and Dr. Billy Taylor.

At midpoint on the upper left level we remember painter Lucian Freud and filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis:

On the lower left level, we have three strong women: Betty Ford, Geraldine Ferraro and Bernardine Healy:

On the lower left corner, we honor Jose Arguelles with a sterling silver Hunab Ku pin/pendant combo, a customized Hunab Ku candle and a Serpentine Mayan lord carving:

and to the right of Jose, we have Elizabeth Edwards between a painted cranio with serpent by Silvia Hernandez and muerto tree of life by Jose Luis Serrano:

On the right wall: Amy Winehouse, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs and Facundo Cabral:

At midpoint on the upper right level we remember painter Leonora Carrington and Owsley Stanley:

On the lower right level, we honor two remarkable innovators: Dennis Ritchie and Wangari Maathai

And on the lower right corner, Bishop Samuel Ruiz, flanked by a miniature ceramic bishop calavera by Miguel Angel and a Zapatista on horseback from Chiapas:

On the base of the lower right we have another giant wooden Aztec warrior, enjoying his pan de muerto…

Over the window display case a pretty girl calavera in papier mache was taking a breather from the festivites:

On the bottom right of the window we had prolific composer John Barry and his mini piano playing skeleton self:

and two legendary Pittsburghers, radio personality John Cigna and former Pirates manager Chuck Tanner:

Also in the window on the right side are two more Pittsburghers and friends who left us all too soon, Leo Welsh and Ryan Douthit. Beside Leos’ photo is a classic cranio with butterflies in ceramic by Tomas Baez; beside Ryans’ photo is a selection of our sterling silver muerto jewelry, a carved and painted wooden monkey calavera by Bertha Cruz Morales:

In the bottom center of the window are two unique pieces; the “Kiss of Death” in barro negro by Carlomagno Pedro Martinez and a calavera sirena in ceramic, along with more assorted mini ceramics by Miguel Angel:

The window center is devoted to another Pittsburgher and our neighbor here at the store for the past seven years; Italian tailor and futbol player Alberto DiClemente:

On the upper left of the window we remember Sargent Shriver, and beside him more sterling silver jewelry in muerto themes, as well as a wooden catrina by Rocio Hernandez.

More personal remembrances follow in the window; shown here in succession are my Aunt Ruth Stafford Duesing, my beloved cat and best friend for 16 years, Poppy, and my dear brother Danny DiGioia.

In the lower left of the window we have photographer Lazaro Blanco and his mini photographer skeleton self:

Some of our visitors came in full dress:

And so another Dia de los Muertos had come and gone, reminding us once again of the mystery of our seemingly fragile existence and the eternal bonds of love that we all share. It also reminds us to cherish those we love, whether they reside in this world or some other, in every moment, putting aside grief, anxieties and conflicts wherever possible, and that surrounding ourselves with beauty is part of what makes being human in an inexplicable world not only more bearable, but more worthwhile. Conversely, that which we can’t immediately see with the physical eyes is no less present or beautiful. As the ex-angel played so perfectly by Peter Falk said to another angel in Wim Wenders’ iconic film, Wings of Desire (see link for Peter Falk!): “I can’t see you, but I know that you’re there. Compañero.”

¿What’s in the Window?

Waterfall necklace $349, bracelet $139, earring (not shown) $49. Large cuff, $498

El Santo T, $24, Tin pineapples, $39 + $49

Painting in the style of papel amate by Lucas Lorenzo, $138, Mezcal drinkers, $155

small painting by Nicolas Lorenzo, $47, small dog, $38

Large spoon, $24, small, $18

Mother Turtle candelaria from Tonala, $195

mini dogs on beds with bowls, $13, mini rooster and kitty on chairs, $15

winged painted wood heart ornament with milagro, Jacobo and Maria Angles Ojeda, $40

mini boxes, $10, tortoise magnet, $12

Quetzalcoatl, molded hand painted resin on wood, $62

Molded hand painted resin on wood, Aztec Stone of the Sun, $250, Olinala gourd, $20