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¡Sign Up for Workshops with Maestro Demetrio Garcia Aguilar!



Kids of all ages will have the rare opportunity to work with  a Gran Maestro and make some art in workshops that we will have while Demetrio is here. These will be one hour workshops with a choice of three projects and the cost of $25 includes your materials. The project choices are as follows:

1. Make a calavera or diablito with monarch wings in papier mache and paper.

2. Make a small figure of your own design with self hardening clay.

3. Paint a small figure already created by Demetrio.

The papier mache and clay need time to dry before painting so if you choose the 1st or 2nd options be aware that you will have to paint it on your own at home. It is however, a great way to learn some techniques  from Demetrio.

There are two classes set aside on the following days and times, and space is very limited to 7 students per session, so please be sure that you are committed to attending before you RSVP.

Sunday August 31st from 1:00-2:00 pm

Saturday September 13th from 1:00-2:00 pm

Please RSVP with your date and name and preferred contact info either here in the comments section of this blog entry or by calling 412.422.9984 or you can email Lisa:


A Visit from Demetrio Garcia Aguilar