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Dia de los Muertos Open House

And now for something completely different…Since last year was just for my husband Jean-Pierre, my father in law Hugo and our dog Adelita, and because this year will be my 10th consecutive year of making ofrendas, I would like for the first time ever to ask the people to decide who we will remember for this years’ ofrendas. Please keep in mind that family members are reserved only for the love letters on the sides of the ofrenda, otherwise it is unfair, as many of us could easily fill an entire ofrenda with ours. The criteria has always been, and will continue to be the following: while fame is not a requirement, someone who has left their mark on the world in a significant way is. Submit your suggestions to me either here in comments or via email If you email me your suggestions please put “DOTD” in your subject line. I will include as many as I possibly can. Pittsburghers please keep in mind hometown heroes as well. And here is the flyer for this years’ event:DOTDFlyermini14