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A Father’s Day Surprise

I’m featuring this wonderful monkey parent by Armando Jiménez Aragón and Antonia Carrillo Hernández to send love to all of the fathers whom we will honor tomorrow: those of our past, present and future. I’ve activated the shopping cart on the new improved website at last, in celebration of the completion of 61 individual pages of woodcarvings. Still so much work to do here, and many, many categories to go, but it’s a beginning. It would not have been possible without the devoted help of my sister Diana DiGioia, my bestest best friend forever.

Insta-Lindo! Follow Mexico Lindo on Instagram

The site re-do/Shopification is underway (no, hell hasn’t frozen over), and the new Instagram will supplant the current Galeria section, which is using handmade code too old to be useful on multiple platforms and devices. It features some of my favorite photography from these many years of travels, some store items, and some personal collection glimpses. It’s basically the same as my personal instagram, minus the occasional naughty selfie. 

A rare oil painting from Maestro Demetrio Garcia Aguilar

When Demetrio told us he was working on some oil paintings (as opposed to his customary world renowned ceramics) and asked if we were interested in any, we commissioned this one from him, featuring the much beloved image of the sarcophagus of Lord Pacal the Great of Palenque and the Rabbit in the moon. Sarcophagus of Pacal the Great
As with all that he sets his hands to creating, we think he managed to beautifully instill his own unique style within these two very iconic images, and are pleased to be able present it to you at last. $975

In the Octopus’s Garden….

Octopus by Armando and Antonia Jimenez
“He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been, in his octopus’ garden in the shade…” (with apologies to Ringo Starr!) This beauty from Armando and Antonia Jimenez has just arrived and we don’t think he will be hanging around for very long…so if you love him and must have him (price is $230, and he measures almost 6″ in height and 13″ at the widest parts) here’s a convenient shopping cart button for you:

Sacred Necklaces

There are necklaces and then there are necklaces that are much more than mere adornment, but in fact are divine, beautiful, magical talismans. We were fortunate to find two such pieces fitting this description on our last silver shopping trip to Taxco. Both are extraordinary examples not only of superb craftsmanship but also unique and thoughtful design.
The first is made from jaguar skin and leather, mounted in sterling shapes reminiscent of lightning bolts. Indeed, the energy of the jaguar is electrifying and it has been revered in Mesoamerican culture throughout the ages. There are representations of the jaguar found in art and artifacts throughout the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec cultures. Whether a warrior, a Lord or a shaman, one had to earn the privilege of wearing the skin of the jaguar, and so it will be with this necklace.
Sterling silver, jaguar pelt and leather necklace and earrings
I have resolved that it will not be sold to anyone that does not demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the Mesoamerican concepts of the jaguar, which you can read more about in this fascinating and thorough Wikipedia article. Proper gratitude and respect must also be paid to the Italian jaguar that once inhabited this skin (It was brought by a family member who works in leather there to the craftsman/designer); still as lustrous and magical as the starry night sky that the jaguar sometimes exemplifies. $975

Our second necklace is a magnificent homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe, much beloved Patron Saint of the Americas and of course Mexico in particular. This multi-strand beaded necklace of rhodololite garnets, grey baroque freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal culminates with a heavy weight handmade sterling silver image of Her regal visage, in highly detailed and oxidized textures, surrounded by rose-filled rays, as legend dictates. Our Lady of Guadalupe in sterling silver, garnets, pearls and crystal
When wearing this amazing piece, one is continually reminded of Her reassuring presence and comforting words to San Juan Diego: “Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear sickness, nor any other anguish. Am I not here, who is your Mother?” Whether you prefer to think of Her in her original form, as the Goddess Tonantzin, or as Guadalupe, there can be no doubt that for those who are devoted to Her, She is always a guiding presence. Guadalupe detail $675

One Perfect Peacock

One perfect hand made peacock cuff bracelet in sterling silver with turquoise and abalone; this is truly a functional work of art! $625
Pavo Real

Ways to Make Things Merry and Bright

“(or why you should drop by the store on Christmas Eve!)”

From Ways to make things Merry and Bright…, posted by Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias on 12/24/2012 (18 items)

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Celebrate the Beginning of a New Baktun!

Do you really need sterling silver Mayan day glyph earrings or the Mayan oracle to celebrate the beginning of a new baktun? No, for as some Wise Men once said: all you need is love. But we often find that beauty and wisdom are two of Loves’ favorite companions.

Mayan day glyph earrings in sterling silver

Glyph earrings are 46.00 and the Oracle can be found either in the store for 35.00 or directly from Amazon with this link:

The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars

Book and 44 Cards consisting of : 20 Mayan Star Glyphs, 13 Numbers,and 11 Lenses of Mystery

Trip Pix and Picks: Another Report from the Road

¡Hello, Friends! We had another fruitful shopping expedition in September and wanted to share some photos, new things and experiences with you.

As always, we begin and end our journeys in Mexico City, and no matter how many times we have seen it, there is still nothing better than that first glimpse of the Angel of Independence after having been away for a time. She was looking especially regal that first evening of our arrival.

Nearby on the Reforma in front of the American Embassy, we saw a presentation and demonstration by the Yo Soy #132 Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

The next morning we were off bright and early to Taxco in search of more silver for the holiday season. We feel the same way about the cathedral Santa Prisca as we do about the Angel: a million views and photos will never be enough to entirely take in it’s grandeur.

There were many wondrous finds to be had in sterling silver, and we did our best to find things that were not only beautiful, but also hand made, well-executed and unique. Here is an extra large fine filigree earring with turquoise that manages to retain grace and style without being too overbearing:

Two turquoise dolphins grace this elegant choker:

And here is a whimsical sheep clothed in cultured freshwater pearls that can do double duty as either a pin or a pendant.

It was also the time and place to find more of our favorite silly, black and white muerto-themed ceramic cranios, boxes and other small items, and we weren’t disappointed. We have enough cavorting, lovesick skeletons to please all of you!

…And there were kitties galore!

A glorious antique, giant wooden jaguar covered in milagros took us by surprise and could not be left behind…

Next we off to Metepec for some new Trees of Life. All was still decorated for Independence Day and the surroundings were delightful. A special gigantic Arbol that had been made for the Bicentennial was impressive:

Two of our finds:

A visit with our longtime friend Alejandro Sergio Hernandez, Maestro of papel picado, yielded these two highly unusual, one of a kind panels framed in tin:

Nearby, we were glad to find that our favorite purveyor of extra fancy sugar skulls with feathers and tiaras was still there and fully stocked. We hand carried some of these all the way home. :)

The next day we moved on to Queretaro for a little R&R and were delighted by the enchanting B&B, Villa del Villar. You are greeted upon entering by two canaries, singing their perfect songs:

The canaries overlook an inner courtyard, which is graced by a stately bougainvillea, that dropped its’ petals like blessings, too beautiful to step on:

Breakfast was made to order…and we were amazed to realize we had found our own little piece of heaven; we highly recommend it!

Queretaro is charming, picturesque and there are many museums to explore, but as usual, we hadn’t allowed enough time for such luxuries. Still, we can never pass by a grand cathedral without taking photos, and this one was no exception:

Another church nearby had an enchanted gateway that beckoned in the evening:

Everywhere throughout the many little plazas there were vendors of every trinket imaginable, and so of course we couldn’t help ourselves. This Otomi woman had wonderful things, and we did get some darling dolls, but it was her beauty and her glorious attire that compelled us to ask for a photo:

We found some of the wonderful opals that Queretaro is known for:

Every evening there is a full-fledged flag lowering ceremony outside of this government building, complete with drummers and singing of the National Anthem, and we were thrilled to witness it in all of its’ pageantry.

The next day we took a quick trip to San Miguel de Allende, and there, of course, was another grand cathedral that did not disappoint:

We witnessed a beautiful Marian procession into the church, as well:

We were pleasantly surprised to find some gorgeous Mata Ortiz ollas that did not break the bank; this one was unlike any we had seen before:

We had a quick and impromptu tour of the famous Museum of the Mask, housed within the charming Casa de la Cuesta B&B,. Heidi was thoroughly charming and accommodating, considering that we didn’t have an appointment, and we thank her for her hospitality and for sharing her extensive knowledge. This collection is astounding, a must-see for any mask collector! We will be returning when we have more time to properly appreciate it. The B&B has heavenly views, within and without. Take a look at their photo gallery, and you will see what we mean! We left reluctantly, and so it was back to Queretaro, and we left the next morning for Mexico City once again.

There was much shopping still to do, and we got right to it, from Coyoacan to San Angel and many points in between. We spent time with the Huichols, and left with these glorious gourds in beads and yarn…

and an unforgettable encounter with a little Princess:

We found some great new muerto and luchador t shirts to add to our already large selection, as well as aprons:

There were tequila glasses with everyones’ favorite, the loteria:

..and purses with loteria figures and sugar skulls, as well:

…and painted pumpkins made of copper:

…and Precolumbian jaguars, and legendary tacos, big, scary but delicious fish,
and darling tiny turtles, and so much more!

But we could go on all day….and it’s time now to begin getting ready for Dia de los Muertos! So you’ll have to come and see for yourselves! Until then… hasta la proxima vez :)

Pegasus by the Tribus Mixes Coperative

A magical pegasus, getting ready to take flight, finely executed as only the Tribus Mixes Artists Cooperative can do!
The full wing span measures 17″ across, the height at the tallest part of the mane is 11″.
Each wing, feather, ears and tail are separate pieces.
P1030172The cost for this amazing woodcarving is $298 plus $13 for shipping