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¡Viva Guadalupe!

An album from the Facebook page that we wanted to share with you on Her day:

“¿How do we love Her? Let us count the ways…”

From ¡Viva Guadalupe!, posted by Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias on 12/11/2009 (29 items)

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Meet Maestro Carlomagno Pedro Martinez at the 9th annual Celebrate Mexico Now Festival November 13 – 27, 2012

As a part of the 9th annual Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, presented by National Museum of the American Indian in New York, with the support of Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art (FOFA) and the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Mexican scholar Marta Turok asks how indigenous Oaxacan artists navigate both “folk” and “high” art markets in today’s artistic climate. In this lecture-demonstration, Turok will present award-winning Oaxacan ceramic artist Carlomagno Pedro Martínez. They may grow up in artisan families, be self-taught artists, or graduate from art school, but whatever path they choose, today’s indigenous Mexican artists must contend with changing tastes. As Marta Turok documents, interest in folk art is waning as interest in conceptual art grows among cultural institutions and power brokers. The organization Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art (FOFA) awards folk artists scholarships to a fine arts school where they can blend their local traditions with contemporary perspectives. For Celebrate Mexico Now, Marta Turok will share her findings and present visiting folk artist, Director of the Oaxaca State Museum of Popular Art and acclaimed ceramist Carlomagno Pedro Martínez.

As both supporters of FOFA and collectors and vendors of Don Carlomagnos’ work, we urge all New Yorkers not to miss this great opportunity!

Caught on Tape: Rare Jaguar Sighting in Oaxaca, Mexico

From the International Business Times: Mexican authorities on Wednesday (May 09) confirmed that a jaguar has been spotted for the first time near Mitla, which lays approximately 40 kilometres (24 miles) from the southern Oaxaca state capital of Oaxaca City.

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth Under the Guatemalan jungle, 1,200-year-old paintings like no others.

National Geographic has just posted a fascinating article about a revolutionary discovery in by Erik Vance in Xultún, Guatemala, with of beautiful clickable panoramic photo and also an account in the Explorers Journal by William Saturno that you won’t want to miss!

NPR reporting: Mexican Crime Reporters Risk Becoming The Story

Mexican Crime Reporters Risk Becoming The Story:
(Click on the photo to read this story at

Trailer: Cuando Una Mujer Avanza

Kickstarter Campaign for Cuando Una Mujer Avanza (When a Woman Steps Forward)

Three Kings’ Day ~ El Dia de los Reyes Magos

Nativity by Armando and Antonia Jimenez

Are your shoes ready for the Kings’camels? January 6th is El Dia de los Reyes Magos!

In the news this week: an important update on the Huicholes, and Manuel Lopez Obrador to run again

What is Wirikuta?

Battle for the Birthplace of the Sun

Lopez Obrador to run for president in 2012

Encuentro Internacional de Documentales de Artes, D.F.

Artes.DOCS es un seminario, un espacio de reflexión; también es una muestra de documentales que abarca todas las artes y que procura poner el acento en los procesos de producción en las distintas disciplinas, y en sus autores.Artes.DOCS se llevará a cabo en varias sedes, entre el 10 y el 17 de octubre.

Researchers find Aztec temple platform – CBS News

Researchers find Aztec temple platform – CBS News.