Amor Eterno ~ Open House for Dia de los Muertos


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The site re-do/Shopification is underway (no, hell hasn’t frozen over), and the new Instagram will supplant the current Galeria section, which is using handmade code too old to be useful on multiple platforms and devices. It features some of my favorite photography from these many years of travels, some store items, and some personal collection glimpses. It’s basically the same as my personal instagram, minus the occasional naughty selfie. 

Let’s Make Stuff!




Please click on the link below to take this survey about workshops!

Let’s Make Stuff!



June News: Squirrel Hill Night Market and Fundraising for PULSE Victims


12th Anniversary Celebration with Armando Jimenez!


Season’s Greetings

felices fiestasTo all who have supported me through another difficult year with the losses of more family, friends and another pet ~ from the artesanos who patiently teach and assist me while they keep creating, innovating and surprising us with their seemingly unlimited capacity to find and produce beauty, to those who keep showing up at the store, not only for special events but throughout each season, and to the collectors from all corners of the continent, who are patient enough to know the limitations of my time spent in day to day operations at the store vs. time to work on the site (and yet they find me in any case and ask to see what I have!): I send all of my admiration, thanks and love. May each of you be as fortunate as I in spending your holidays with ones that you love. May the coming year bring each of you peace, comfort and joy, as you do to me, in all of the ways that you most need to find them.

I will be open tomorrow until 5 pm for your last minute shopping needs. As always, I have lots of new things and great ideas for you in every price range. When you come please bring an item for the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate. Vote on the holiday window competition sponsored by my friends at Uncover Squirrel Hill and  be entered to win an incredible gift basket. ¡Felices Fiestas!

Save the Dates!


~Felices Fiestas y Gracias~


I have profound gratitude for all of you: artesanos, customers, family and friends…and the beauty of that list is that most of you are all of all of these things to me, elegantly combined,
each in their own way.
Each day, you have taken turns showing up for me, and for the love of Jean-Pierre, and each time someone leaves with something beautiful, they also leave for me a portion of their love,
as we share stories and histories of the pieces, the artists, and one another, joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams.
May your holidays be shared in love and kinship and may we continue on this magical path together.
Tomorrow I will be in the store for your last minute shopping needs from 10 until 5:00, with good music, gift wrapping and plenty of ideas for you, and of course I will be off on the 25th.

Dia de los Muertos Open House

And now for something completely different…Since last year was just for my husband Jean-Pierre, my father in law Hugo and our dog Adelita, and because this year will be my 10th consecutive year of making ofrendas, I would like for the first time ever to ask the people to decide who we will remember for this years’ ofrendas. Please keep in mind that family members are reserved only for the love letters on the sides of the ofrenda, otherwise it is unfair, as many of us could easily fill an entire ofrenda with ours. The criteria has always been, and will continue to be the following: while fame is not a requirement, someone who has left their mark on the world in a significant way is. Submit your suggestions to me either here in comments or via email If you email me your suggestions please put “DOTD” in your subject line. I will include as many as I possibly can. Pittsburghers please keep in mind hometown heroes as well. And here is the flyer for this years’ event:DOTDFlyermini14

¡Sign Up for Workshops with Maestro Demetrio Garcia Aguilar!



Kids of all ages will have the rare opportunity to work with  a Gran Maestro and make some art in workshops that we will have while Demetrio is here. These will be one hour workshops with a choice of three projects and the cost of $25 includes your materials. The project choices are as follows:

1. Make a calavera or diablito with monarch wings in papier mache and paper.

2. Make a small figure of your own design with self hardening clay.

3. Paint a small figure already created by Demetrio.

The papier mache and clay need time to dry before painting so if you choose the 1st or 2nd options be aware that you will have to paint it on your own at home. It is however, a great way to learn some techniques  from Demetrio.

There are two classes set aside on the following days and times, and space is very limited to 7 students per session, so please be sure that you are committed to attending before you RSVP.

Sunday August 31st from 1:00-2:00 pm

Saturday September 13th from 1:00-2:00 pm

Please RSVP with your date and name and preferred contact info either here in the comments section of this blog entry or by calling 412.422.9984 or you can email Lisa: