¿What’s in the Window?

Waterfall necklace $349, bracelet $139, earring (not shown) $49. Large cuff, $498

El Santo T, $24, Tin pineapples, $39 + $49

Painting in the style of papel amate by Lucas Lorenzo, $138, Mezcal drinkers, $155

small painting by Nicolas Lorenzo, $47, small dog, $38

Large spoon, $24, small, $18

Mother Turtle candelaria from Tonala, $195

mini dogs on beds with bowls, $13, mini rooster and kitty on chairs, $15

winged painted wood heart ornament with milagro, Jacobo and Maria Angles Ojeda, $40

mini boxes, $10, tortoise magnet, $12

Quetzalcoatl, molded hand painted resin on wood, $62

Molded hand painted resin on wood, Aztec Stone of the Sun, $250, Olinala gourd, $20

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