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4,833,329 and still counting

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and I hope that you’ll join me, La Palapa, Mexican Cuisine & Mezcal Bar and LACU – Latin American Cultural Union and Carnegie Mellon Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences for these events. I’ll also be making my 1st public return as DJ Gringa Morena since the beginning of the pandemic for the event on the 2nd. In addition, there are still a few more events coming up with my longtime friends and associates at the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Pitt! After the enormous exodus of Souls lost in the past 18 months, I think we can all agree that trying to honor everyone as they deserve is an impossible task, but nonetheless, we must try, and your participation and help with this is so appreciated. Ordinarily I have always bought all of the materials and flowers for my ofrendas, but after an expensive and difficult year, I’m asking that anyone who is able to bring live marigolds, mums, sunflowers or calla lillies (extra points for adding pink cockscombs or purple irises!) to contribute to the beauty of our ofrendas to drop them off at La Palapa on the 30th or the 31st if you attend the LACU – Latin American Cultural Union Meet and Greet. Don’t forget your small photos as well if you want them to be a part of the ofrendas. It will be so good to see everyone again after missing last year for safety reasons. xoxoxxoxoxo’s

Giving Tuesday

Cinco de Mayo has always been important to me for two reasons: The Battle of Puebla that it commemorates was significant for the ways in which it lit a flame of realization in the hearts of indigenous people at the mercy (or lack thereof) of foreign oppressors occupying their sacred lands. Fighting against all odds, in that pivotal moment, they realized that they had the power within themselves to begin to forge their way toward a revolution that would eventually lead to Mexican Independence. Cinco de Mayo was also the anniversary of the opening of the store that I had on Murray Avenue from 2004-2017.
Oppression and aggression still abound and those in our local Latino communities need our support more than ever. I’m grateful for Casa San José for all that they do, but especially now with their Covid 19 initiatives. On this #GivingTuesday, I’d like to give #Pittsburgh an opportunity to step up to the plate while also creating beauty and staying safe. I’ll be making some videos with ideas for you to use as you #helpthehelpers ? They too, are fighting against all odds.

Let's Paint a New Reality
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Join me for Tzompantli: Dia de los Muertos Commemoration

La Alegria de la Joyeria ~ The Joy of Jewelry

Holiday season is upon us in earnest, and so I’ve scheduled two days of jewelry shopping opps for you! I’ll bring a little bit of everything to the upper room at La Palapa this coming Sunday December 2nd and Saturday December 8th, from 3:00  to 8:00 PM both days. You’re sure to find something wonderful! Before, during or afterwards, you can enjoy some lunch, dinner, snacks and/or drinks. If you have special requests, feel free to call or message me.

Juntos Otra Vez ~Together Again: a Dia de los Muertos Commemoration

Holiday Tidings

¿What’s under the tree?

The Octopi lurked by the chimney with care, unsure of the jaguar that guarded his lair.
(Octopi by Armando Jiménez Aragón and Antonia Carrillo Hernández)

Wishing for each of you a holiday full of comfort & joy. A very special thanks to all of the longtime customers that contacted me this week for their last minute shopping. It wouldn’t have felt complete without seeing you. Abrazos a todos!


meet me at La Palapa for Dia de los Muertos

Meet me at La Palapa on the Day of the Dead everyone! Due to space and time limitations, I’ll make a very small ofrenda, but you will be able to add the names of your loved ones as always! And I’ll bring a few things in case anyone is in a shopping mood :)

Save the dates: Skull Painting with Artist & Craftsmen Supply

…back by popular demand, because we all had so much fun last year! Another skull painting playshop with my friends at Artist & Craftsman Supply Pittsburgh! I’ll bring some beautiful painting examples for your inspiration and answer your questions about the #DayoftheDead. Very kid friendly, of course! And free, free, free! What’s better than that? And guess what? Another event for #DiadelosMuertos is in the works as well, with my friends at La Palapa, Mexican Gourmet Kitchen, on November 2nd. Details coming ASAP, stay tuned!