Oaxacan Spring Equinox

I went on a very special journey to Oaxaca to take some of Jean-Pierre’s ashes to Monte Alban and to buy for the store. I wanted to tell you about the great love and friendship of the artists who helped me every step of the way, making it all possible.  Armando and Antonia Jimenez (and sometimes their children Alejandro and Anali) picked  me up at the airport and drove me everywhere that I needed to go and stayed with me while I was buying, devoting an entire week to helping me in every way, even though they had very busy schedules. Victor Davila of La Teresita helped me with shopping also, saving me a trip to La Union and handling all of my shipping, as he has for years. Angelico Jimenez and Zeny, Reyna and Fatima Fuentes also came with us to Monte Alban on the morning of the Spring equinox, and together all of us shared the most beautiful moments and beauty there. Many other artists greeted me with such love and kindness, speaking of their memories of Jean-Pierre, and all were a great solace to me. Everyone graciously put up with my sad spanish and somehow we got by. No one who has ever been to Oaxaca could or would dispute the beauty and magic of this place, or the talent, generosity, heart and soul of its’ people, yet what was given to me on this occasion far surpasses even that. The land and the artists restored me with their love and warmth and beauty, and even though I came back to a cold, snow-covered morning in Pittsburgh: en mi corazon, es la Primavera (in my heart, there is Spring).  * There are 47 photos in the slide show that follows and three videos after that, so be sure to scroll! *


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  1. Jeff Poole April 29, 2014 at 5:15 am #

    Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey with us to Monte Alban. We are glad to hear of the healing powers of Oaxaca. Hope to see you soon! God bless! Jeff and Linda Poole

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